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Survey finds drivers often use cellphones while driving

Some California drivers might be using their cellphones while driving even though they believe it is dangerous to do so. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety surveyed 2,613 licensed drivers and found that 46 percent more people said they talked on their phones regularly or fairly often while driving compared to 2013. Despite this, more than half said they believed that talking on a cellphone threatened their personal safety.

Similar contradictions appeared to be true for other actions. Even though 78 percent of people described texting and driving as being dangerous, almost 45 percent had read and more than a third had sent a text or email while behind the wheel. Just over 40 percent of people said they supported banning any kind of cellphone use while driving.

The drivers in the survey said they believed that distracted driving was on the rise and that they saw more people using their cellphones while driving. Although federal estimates say that distracted driving is down slightly, it can be difficult to identify the cause of a crash in many cases of distracted driving, and it may be under-reported. The AAA report advised people to avoid eating messy food while driving, secure objects that might roll around, avoid electronic distractions and do all adjustments before setting out.

When distracted driving does lead to a wreck, people may be seriously injured. Victims could go through a long recovery period or might even be permanently disabled. The injured person should be compensated by the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident, but this may not always happen. For example, the insurance company might dispute a claim, particularly in the case of injuries that might not be immediately apparent ranging from whiplash to traumatic brain injury. An attorney may be able to help with negotiations or a lawsuit.

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