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May 2018 Archives

Tesla criticizes news media for covering recent accident

Many drivers in California remain suspicious of self-driving vehicle technology. This may be because Tesla has developed its technology in a regulatory vacuum. While a research paper from the University of Michigan last year suggests that self-driving cars should be test-driven for 11 billion miles before they can be determined safe, Tesla has hardly reached this number. Its Autopilot program has recently been running into problems.

Bicycle accidents and brain injury: by the numbers

Riding a bicycle is an economical, sustainable and enjoyable way to cover some California miles, but it is also an inherently dangerous method of getting from one place to another. Even the strongest, most careful bicyclists cannot avoid all collisions, and this is particularly true when motorists drive distracted or otherwise fail to follow the rules of the road.

Study finds southern California leads in fatal car accidents

While car accidents can occur anywhere in California, a study found that they occur more frequently in the southern part of the state. In fact, the study discovered that the Devonshire and Reseda intersection in Northridge was the most deadly and dangerous intersection in the state.

Operation Safe Driver Week: CVSA to target unsafe drivers

According to a study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, unsafe driving behavior is to blame for 88 percent of crashes involving passenger vehicles and 93 percent of crashes involving large trucks. Whether in California or in some other state, unsafe driving is the leading cause of all highway crashes.

Seat belt use reduces severity of liver injuries in car accidents

Drivers and passengers in California who buckle up tend to fare better when crashes occur, especially in regard to liver injuries. A research study of 51,202 liver injury car accident cases from 2010 to 2015 revealed that adult victims who wore seat belts generally experienced liver injuries of less severity and their chances of survival improved.

Afternoon rush hour: the peak time for texting and driving

Drivers in California know that texting and driving is all too common, but they may be wondering when peak texting takes place. According to app developer Drivemode, that peak time is between 3pm and 7pm: the afternoon rush hour. Drivemode came to this conclusion after studying a year's worth of data culled from its own Android app. Records show 6.5 million instances of messaging among 177,000 drivers.

Study raises questions about hands-free cellphones

California residents are subject to some of the nation's strictest distracted driving laws, but motorists in the Golden State are still permitted to make phone calls or send text messages as long as the devices they use feature hands-free technology. However, a study released by researchers at the University of Texas suggests that hands-free features may not make cellphones any safer for drivers to use.