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Afternoon rush hour: the peak time for texting and driving

Drivers in California know that texting and driving is all too common, but they may be wondering when peak texting takes place. According to app developer Drivemode, that peak time is between 3pm and 7pm: the afternoon rush hour. Drivemode came to this conclusion after studying a year's worth of data culled from its own Android app. Records show 6.5 million instances of messaging among 177,000 drivers.

Twenty-two percent of text messages were sent between 4pm and 6pm. It was between 5pm and 6pm that drivers sent the most messages: a national average of 6.87 per hour. A total of 10 states had a higher message rate than this, the first being New York (8.21 messages), followed by Hawaii (7.90) and Florida (7.87). Standard text messaging accounted for almost half of all instances, while Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp each accounted for about 20 percent of them.

According to the Drivemode CEO, texting is more common in the afternoon because drivers typically message their families at this time to inform them of delays, errands they need to go on, and any issues. In the morning, though, drivers normally listen to music or the news. However, the CEO states that all drivers in the study engaged in safe messaging methods: hands-free and voice-activated, thanks to the Android app.

However, there are concerns that even hands-free messaging can be distracting to drivers and cause them to get in an auto accident. When such accidents occur, victims may benefit from consulting a lawyer to see if they have the grounds for a personal injury claim. Lawyers in this field might hire investigators to bring together proof of the other driver's negligence, which could include call logs and physical evidence at the crash site. Lawyers can then negotiate for an informal settlement.

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