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Seat belt use reduces severity of liver injuries in car accidents

Drivers and passengers in California who buckle up tend to fare better when crashes occur, especially in regard to liver injuries. A research study of 51,202 liver injury car accident cases from 2010 to 2015 revealed that adult victims who wore seat belts generally experienced liver injuries of less severity and their chances of survival improved.

People wearing seat belts endured severe liver damage 21 percent less often than crash victims who did not wear seat belts. When a seat belt was worn and airbags were present, people had a 26 percent lower chance of serious liver injuries. Among more than 50,000 people with liver injuries as a result of a car crash, those with severe liver injuries were twice as likely to die as those with mild or moderate liver injuries. Severe liver injuries resulted in surgery for 14 percent of patients. Mild liver injuries by contrast only required 5 percent of people to have surgeries.

Trauma to the abdominal area represents a common type of motor vehicle accident injury. Usually, people suffer damage to the liver or spleen according to the American College of Surgeons. The costs of treating organ damage contribute to the high financial cost of car crashes. Information from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health attributes an annual nationwide cost of close to $1 trillion to motor vehicle wrecks.

A victim of a crash caused by a negligent driver might face a long recovery time that inflicts high medical bills and loss of income. A person who wants to pursue damages may seek assistance from an attorney familiar with litigating auto accidents. An attorney maty be able to organize evidence about a reckless driver and file a lawsuit. This documentation might counter attempts by an insurance company to deny a fair settlement.

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