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Tesla criticizes news media for covering recent accident

Many drivers in California remain suspicious of self-driving vehicle technology. This may be because Tesla has developed its technology in a regulatory vacuum. While a research paper from the University of Michigan last year suggests that self-driving cars should be test-driven for 11 billion miles before they can be determined safe, Tesla has hardly reached this number. Its Autopilot program has recently been running into problems.

A Utah accident this May even provoked critical comments on social media both from the Tesla CEO and the company's supporters. The substance of these comments has made some even more suspicious of where Tesla's priorities lie. The accident was minor in terms of impact; the driver of a Tesla Model S crashed into a fire truck and survived with a broken ankle. While the Autopilot was on, she crashed because she was looking at her phone.

The Tesla CEO's response was that the accident isn't worthy to be front-page news when hundreds of people are dying in more serious collisions every day. However, this misses the point. The crash is noteworthy because of the autonomous technology, which is becoming more widespread. Some say that Autopilot made the driver complacent and, thus, distracted. This has been one of the fears about self-driving technology.

Technology continues to influence many people, making them negligent behind the wheel. When negligence is the cause of a car accident, a victim could be eligible for compensation. A lawyer could have professionals investigate the accident and find proof to present to the guilty party's auto insurance company. Legal counsel could then handle all negotiations and proceed to litigation as a last resort.

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