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June 2018 Archives

How to protect yourself – and your kids – from a dog attack

You log in to your favorite news site and immediately notice the heartbreaking headline: A family pet mauled another child in California, changing lives forever. This kind of thing happens far too often, you think, and then you realize that you and your children encounter dogs all the time. How can you avoid this kind of tragedy?

Data shows an increase in drug-related fatal car accidents

California motorists may be interested to learn that the number of drug-impaired drivers killed in car accidents is on the increase. At the same time, the number of alcohol-impaired drivers killed is on the decrease. However, drunk drivers remain a significant threat.

Roller coaster derails in Daytona Beach

California residents who enjoy going to amusement parks may wonder from time to time if the rides they go on are entirely safe. Unfortunately, a recent incident in Daytona Beach, Florida, does not provide reassurance. On the night of June 14, a Daytona Beach Boardwalk roller coaster derailed, sending two riders plunging 34 feet to the ground and leaving two other riders dangling upside down.

Technology might help solve distracted driving problem

Developing technologies are beginning to address the distracted driving problem on California roads in new ways. A device called Groove is designed to be installed in vehicles. When the driver gets into the car, he or she plugs the phone into Groove, and the device is connected to the cloud, which lets the person's mobile provider know he or she is driving. Emails, social media updates, texts and other notifications are then blocked by the mobile provider until the person disconnects his or her device from Groove.

Landlord responsibilities when dealing with drug-using tenants

Landlords in California have certain responsibilities when it comes to how properties are kept up. But are landlords also responsible for activities of tenants that may be illegal or unsafe? This was the question at the center of a case involving an eighteen-year-old individual who died from a drug overdose while at a property owned by another individual. A complaint filed by the decedent's parents alleges that the property owner should have taken steps to keep the house in "reasonably safe" condition.

Steps to take following a car accident

Even the most vigilant drivers in California can be involved in motor vehicle accidents, and the actions they take in the moments following a crash can either help or harm their chances of pursuing civil remedies successfully. Motorists may try to calm the situation and prevent tempers from flaring, but honesty is rarely the best policy following a crash.