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Highways become dangerous over the holidays

In what is supposed to be a festive holiday period, the Fourth of July can also be a dangerous and often deadly time of year. California residents in Riverside County and elsewhere should take note of some important facts.

According to a major insurance group that tracks highway deaths, the statistics are sobering. In the four days surrounding the Fourth of July, at least 40 percent of deaths involve drunk driving. When coupled with the fact that this is also one of the most traveled periods of the year, it can be a dangerous time to be on the road.

It is estimated that more than 37 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home over Independence Day for camping, boating, traveling to beaches or seeing family and friends. Statistically, it is also the largest alcohol purchasing period of the year. After combining those two factors, the death rate may be alarming.

The insurance group emphasizes that drunk driving is not the only cause of personal injury or death during this time. According to information from the Consumer Products Safety Commission, fireworks cause numerous injuries during the holiday. Burns are the most prevalent followed by injuries to the hands and ears. According to the CPSC, hospital visits due to firework mishap will average approximately 250 per day during the holiday week.

Drunken driving collisions are some of the most preventable auto accidents on the highway, but as people insist on drinking and driving, they are also inevitable. Victims injured by an inebriated driver may wish to seek the advice of an experience personal injury attorney. Besides criminal sanctions set by the state, a personal injury suit is one method of holding the driver accountable for the injuries suffered.

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