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Technology might help solve distracted driving problem

Developing technologies are beginning to address the distracted driving problem on California roads in new ways. A device called Groove is designed to be installed in vehicles. When the driver gets into the car, he or she plugs the phone into Groove, and the device is connected to the cloud, which lets the person's mobile provider know he or she is driving. Emails, social media updates, texts and other notifications are then blocked by the mobile provider until the person disconnects his or her device from Groove.

The inventor of the Groove device hopes his device will prevent distracted driving car accidents and save lives. In addition, some wireless providers have released apps that silence the phone in some of the same ways. Sprint's Drive First, AT&T's Drivemode and Verizon's Safely Go all hold incoming calls and texts. They also prevent the driver from sending texts.

A National Safety Council survey indicated that most drivers would leave anti-distraction technologies in place if they came installed in motor vehicles or mobile devices. Of the 2,400 U.S. drivers who took part in the survey, 55 percent said they would leave the safety measures running; 23 percent said they would deactivate the anti-distraction technology. The systems typically include an autoreply feature that sends a message when calls or texts are blocked informing the sender that the person is driving.

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