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Venue and sponsor sued by Jacksonville shooting victim

In the aftermath of the shooting at the Madden tournament that left two people dead and many others injured, large venue spaces in California are taking another look at their existing security protocols. This is especially true since one of the victims who was injured in the shooting has decided to file a lawsuit against the venue and EA.

The plaintiff of the lawsuit was shot twice in the incident and survived his injuries. The legal filing involves premises liability of the venue as the plaintiff states that the Jacksonville Landing Mall and the Chicago Pizza restaurant where the event was held did not provide proper security. The victim also alleges that Electronic Arts should be held liable since the company sponsored the event.

The plaintiff's attorney says his client believed when he walked into the event he would not need to be concerned with his safety. He trusted that the venue managers and event sponsors had done everything necessary to ensure adequate safety measures were in place. The confidence he had in the event's management was demolished when gunshots rang out. The client feared for his life and believed he would not survive the shooting.

The lawsuit also states that the area in which the event was held was plagued with criminal activity. There had been reports of stabbings and shootings in that part of the city, and this past activity should have been considered when choosing a venue.

Failing to provide adequate security can have repercussions that devastate a business. Even small events require managers and organizers to do all they can to ensure the safety of their guests. Before hosting another event, it may be a good idea to consult the guidance of an attorney experienced in premises liability. An attorney may be able to provide advice to help ensure the safety of all involved.

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