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Club floor collapses during party, injuring dozens

California partygoers may wonder about the safety of the nightclubs and party sites they visit, especially when elevated floors and balconies are involved. At one clubhouse near Clemson University in South Carolina, the floor collapsed in the early morning hours of Oct. 21 while a party was in progress. Dozens fell down into the basement as the floor gave way, and 30 people were hospitalized after the incident.

Police said that none of the injuries were life-threatening and that no one was trapped. However, the incident was disturbing and painful for the dozens who suddenly crashed through the center of the dance floor. The venue was the site of a private party when the incident happened. According to partygoers, the room was packed with people, many of whom were jumping up and down and dancing. After the crash, people said that victims were visibly bleeding and falling over one another. One person said that he saw what appeared to be many people with broken legs or ankles. The incident was reported to local police shortly after midnight.

The clubhouse was leased from the Woodlands Apartments, a complex located approximately 3 miles from the university. The property manager would not comment on whether there was a limit on occupancy and if it was exceeded.

Nightclubs and other venues have a responsibility to make sure that their premises are reasonably safe for their patrons and other visitors. When owners fail to maintain their properties and people are injured as a result, legal action may be warranted. A personal injury lawyer can help a victim who was injured due to a property owner's negligence file a premises liability claim for damages.

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