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Be prepared for winter driving

Winter is on the way, and that means inclement weather could strike at any time in Northern California. While snow and ice may not be an issue here in the southern part of the state, it can be treacherous traveling to other parts of the country. The fact remains that it is best to be prepared for vigilant driving and the possibility of roadside emergencies in any season.

AAA recently published several driving pointers to benefit wintertime drivers. First, it is important that everyone wear a seat belt. Plus, the driver needs to be certain that he or she had plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel. Fatigue can be a real contributor to auto accidents under any circumstances.

It is important that cars are maintained in good working order. Tires should be in good condition and accurately inflated. In temperatures at freezing and below, make certain to keep a minimum of a half tank of gas in a vehicle to prevent the gas line from freezing.

When traveling out of the area, check the weather forecast. If hazardous road conditions are expected, try to postpone trips, or make sure someone is aware of travel plans, including the expected route. Travelers should also take along items to help sustain them if they get stranded, such as food, water, blankets, and extra required medications. It is wise to stay in the vehicle for protection if stuck in the snow. At night, try to keep the dome light on for visibility from outside the vehicle.

Car accidents occur during any season and any weather. Those involved could experience no injuries, or they could endure catastrophic injuries. A personal injury attorney might sort through the details and offer advice to parties who suffer bodily harm in an accident. An attorney may also assist with insurance company negotiations.

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