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Common causes behind outdoor falls

Slip-and-fall accidents that occur outside are among the most common kinds of premises liability lawsuits in California and throughout the country. They can happen in parking lots, on pathways or wherever else a dangerous condition may lurk. In many cases, a property owner or the party that possesses the property will be held responsible for an accident causing injury. However, there are some instances in which a property owner may not be held liable for an accident.

For instance, if snow or ice is on a surface after a storm, it may not need to be removed. Furthermore, if a sidewalk is maintained by the government, a property owner may not be responsible for any falls.

However, property owners should take certain safety measures. If snow or ice is removed by a business owner or operator, it must be done in a manner that keeps individuals reasonably safe. In addition, parking lots and sidewalks must be kept free of potholes or other cracks that could lead to a fall.

Poor lighting is another reason why a fall may occur. Without proper lights, a person may not be able to see a crack in a sidewalk. Someone might also run into an obstacle that he or she couldn't see. If a property owner knows that the lighting is inadequate, it must be fixed as quickly as possible.

A fall on cracked or icy parking lots could result in concussions or other types of injuries. The same is true if a person falls on any other surface. If it occurred because of property owner negligence, an injured victim could be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries. Compensation may help to pay for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings because of an inability to work.

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