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How drivers can stay safe in bright sunlight

Bright sunlight can be a major factor in car crashes that take place early in the morning and late in the afternoon. In fact, driving in bright sunlight will raise the risk for a life-threatening crash by 16 percent. The sunlight could create visual illusions, hurt drivers' eyes and slow their reaction times. California drivers should consider the following tips on how to keep safe in such conditions.

The first step is to wear sunglasses as they will reduce the brightness and protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. A pair should always be kept inside the vehicle. Next, drivers can use their sun visors to block the sun's rays when it shines on the front windshield or side windows. Visors are designed to not hinder visibility.

If drivers can avoid heading out early in the morning or late in the afternoon, they should do so or at least wait a few minutes until the sun completely rises or sets below the horizon. While on the road, they should keep a greater distance from the car in front. When the sun hurts their eyes, they can exit the road and wait 10 to 15 minutes for the sun to reposition.

Lastly, drivers could have a specialty auto repair shop add window tinting for a few hundred dollars. They will want to consult state regulations on how much light it can block.

Drivers who ignore even the most basic safety tips and cause an auto accident because of negligence will be to blame for any injuries people incur as a result. Victims can seek legal counsel to determine if they have the grounds for a personal injury claim. A lawyer could hire third parties, such as accident investigators and medical professionals, to strengthen the claim. Victims can have an attorney negotiate on their behalf and litigate if a settlement cannot be reached.

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