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December 2018 Archives

Seat belts reduce severity of liver injuries in car crashes

Motor vehicle accidents in California often inflict blunt trauma injuries to people's abdomens. Damage to the liver and spleen can cause heavy bleeding. In severe cases, the victims could die. Researchers analyzed over 50,000 accident victims with liver injuries and found evidence that seat belts played a significant role in reducing the severity of injuries to this vital organ.

Spinal cord injuries can have long-term effects

Spinal cord injuries can change the lives of people in California. People who have been injured in the spine can face severe damage and lifelong disabilities as a result of an accident. The spine is critical to a person's ability to walk, use their limbs and manage their muscles. It can be damaged as a result of a number of different types of incidents, including workplace accidents, falls from heights or car crashes. People can understand more about spinal cord injuries by learning more about the thoracic spine.

Drunk driving crashes often produce death and serious injuries

California law considers drivers with blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 or higher to be legally impaired. This level of alcohol in the blood reduces one's reaction time and sometimes leads to accidents. Nationwide, drunk drivers cause about one-third of traffic fatalities every year.

5 steps to take after a dog bite

Who can avoid bending over to pet a pooch? After all, dogs can be awfully cuddly, playful and cute. As you probably know, however, not all dogs are friendly. In fact, sometimes dogs can go from adorable to downright scary in just a few seconds. 

WHO reports on global efforts to address traffic-related death

According to the World Health Organization, traffic accidents are globally the leading cause of death among those aged 5 to 29 as well as the eighth leading cause of death overall. California drivers may be interested to know that those in low-income countries are at triple the risk for a fatal traffic crash when compared to high-income countries. Thirteen percent of all traffic deaths occur in low-income countries.

Safety advocates urge greater regulation for trucks

People in California and across the country are urging members of Congress to act on proposed legislation that aims to reduce the number of deadly underride truck accidents. In an underride crash, a car slides and is captured underneath a semi-trailer or other large commercial truck. These collisions are often fatal because the underride can lead to severe head and neck injuries, including decapitation. Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives in these types of crashes. These accidents can be catastrophic even at relatively low rates of speed.

ZF produces new safety data on external airbag tech

Residents of California may have heard about external airbags. Many car parts manufacturers are developing the technology, and though it is far from perfect, it may someday become a standard feature. ZF is one manufacturer that's clear about the benefits of external airbags: they can reduce the severity of vehicle occupants' injuries by as much as 40 percent.

Premises liability in slip and fall cases

Business owners in California have a responsibility to take steps to keep people safe while they are on business property. When a person suffers an injury due to a slip and fall on someone else's property, he or she might be entitled to monetary compensation based on a theory of premises liability. Injured parties might have claims for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages or other damages. In many premises liability cases, there are a number of people who might have liability.