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Drunk driving crashes often produce death and serious injuries

California law considers drivers with blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 or higher to be legally impaired. This level of alcohol in the blood reduces one's reaction time and sometimes leads to accidents. Nationwide, drunk drivers cause about one-third of traffic fatalities every year.

Blood loss or head trauma inflicted by motor vehicle crashes sometimes kill drivers and passengers at the scene. Heavy blood loss caused by deep cuts can send people into hypovolemic shock because their bodies have rapidly lost fluids. When emergency responders cannot reach victims in time, the people sometimes die.

Those who survive a crash could face long and difficult recoveries. Injuries caused by hitting the steering wheel or other hard surfaces could involve crushed bones and organs. Flying debris might impale organs or the cut skin deeply.

Because drunk drivers have the potential to cause so much harm, communities strive to prevent people from getting behind the wheel when they are intoxicated. Law enforcement might set up sobriety checkpoints, and offenders usually face criminal charges that could result in jail time and revocation of driving privileges.

A person hurt in a crash caused by a drunk driver might also choose to pursue financial damages from the negligent party. The victim's medical expenses and lost pay could warrant a claim against the driver's insurance company or private assets. The representation of an attorney familiar with car accidents could provide the support that an injured person needs during a challenging time. Legal counsel could organize the evidence about the accident and contact the insurance company. If the insurer makes a settlement offer, the attorney could help the victim determine if the amount is reasonable or if the case should advance to the courtroom.

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