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Why being lost in thought can be dangerous while driving

Drivers in California should make it a point to not get lost in thought while on the road. This is because daydreaming can be one of the most dangerous activities for a driver. However, it can be difficult to avoid boredom while behind the wheel because it's such a monotonous task. While self-driving cars may make it easier to avoid distraction in the long run, it could make distracted driving worse in the short-term.

Research has shown that those who use Tesla's semi-autonomous autopilot feature may be more likely to become complacent while driving. Based on data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), there were 172,000 traffic deaths over the past five years. Of those deaths, about 10 percent were caused by distracted driving. Of those deaths, 61 percent were caused by those who were simply thinking about something other than the road when the collision took place. Only 14 percent of such deaths were caused by smartphones.

There is nothing new about deaths caused by drivers who let their minds wander. Erie Insurance has been conducting analysis using FARS data for many years. In most years, daydreaming tends to be a common cause of traffic fatalities. Therefore, drivers will need to work harder to keep their attention on the road regardless of how boring it may be.

Those who experience broken bones, concussions or other serious injuries in a car crash may be compensated for the damages that they incur. This may be true if the driver who caused the crash was negligent in their actions. Generally speaking, distracted driving is considered negligent regardless of what caused the distraction. In some cases, the driver will acknowledge being lost in thought prior to an accident occurring. A personal injury lawyer could use this information to help a client win a settlement.

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