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Daylight saving time and crashes caused by drowsy drivers

Drowsy drivers in California are more likely to cause head-on collisions. According to the American Automobile Association, drivers cause more auto accidents when they miss two hours of sleep. The AAA encourages drivers to get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Statistics show that roughly 33 percent of drivers admit to driving without getting enough sleep. Especially after daylight saving time, Americans need to learn how to drive with safety in mind. Getting adequate sleep is an excellent way to secure road safety.

Research from the Foundation for Traffic Safety, a branch of the AAA, states that drivers missing even one hour of sleep double their chances of causing fatal accidents. An official spokesperson for the AAA stated that drivers should get at least five hours of sleep.

However, five hours of sleep is still not enough to prevent auto accidents. Drivers need to understand three major warning signs attributed to drowsiness. These signs include struggling to keep the eyes open, weaving a vehicle in the lane and being unable to recall elapsed miles.

According to a driver training manager for the AAA, drinking several cups of coffee has no effect. The same advice applies to playing loud music on the radio. There is no substitute for getting ample sleep. The brain strives to stay awake, but lack of sleep can prevent the brain from attaining its goal.

People who suffer from medical conditions caused by auto accidents may wish to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A car crash victim might make the mistake of trusting an insurance agency to compensate them for their injuries. An insurance agent may not apply the full force of the law to recompense an auto accident victim.

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