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April 2019 Archives

Wakefield Research study reveals sources of driver distraction

Distracted driving is widespread in California and the rest of the U.S., and phones are largely to blame. Root Insurance (an insurer that provides incentives to drivers who avoid phone use) has just shared the results of an online study from Wakefield Research, and what it has to say about distracted driving is eye-opening.

How to make pools safer

For homeowners in California and throughout the country, a pool can have many benefits for social gatherings and fitness. However, a pool can also be a safety hazard if appropriate precautions are not taken. One safety measure a person can take is to install a fence and an alarm.

Ways to hurt your personal injury case

Every year, numerous people suffer from personal injuries after pedestrian accidents in California. One of the more recent incidents in the state occurred right after Coachella a couple of miles away from the valley where the music festival takes place. A man died at the scene, and the woman driving the car fully cooperated with police. 

Root Insurance: phone use "second nature" among many drivers

A survey from Root Insurance and conducted by Wakefield Research has discovered something that many drivers in California are already aware of: distracted driving is a nationwide issue, yet drivers engage in it even when they know it is wrong. In all, 47 percent of respondents called it their top concern when driving, and 99 percent recognized phones as being one of the top three distractions.

Self-driving cars aren't close to being safe yet

California residents may be excited to get their own self-driving cars, but these vehicles might not be released on the market anytime soon. A report from the Rand Corporation urges caution and much more testing before letting these cars drive in real-world conditions.

CVSA roadcheck set for June, focuses on steering and suspension

Commercial truck and bus drivers in California will want to keep in mind that between June 4 and 6, they may be stopped at random for an inspection. This is because the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is holding its annual International Roadcheck at that time. The spree will consist of mostly Level I inspections, which cover both driver and vehicle regulations.

New pickup passengers more vulnerable in a crash than the drivers

Passengers in newer pickups are a higher risk for injury or death than the drivers, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS has been conducting crash tests on both driver and passenger sides of vehicles since 2017, and it discovered this discrepancy after a round of tests on 11 two-row pickup trucks. California residents will want to know what the pickups were and how they were ranked.