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CVSA roadcheck set for June, focuses on steering and suspension

Commercial truck and bus drivers in California will want to keep in mind that between June 4 and 6, they may be stopped at random for an inspection. This is because the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is holding its annual International Roadcheck at that time. The spree will consist of mostly Level I inspections, which cover both driver and vehicle regulations.

Drivers will be asked to provide their CDL, Medical Examiner's Certificates, work log and other documents to ensure compliance with federal guidelines. Their vehicles will have all their components checked, such as the brakes, tires, wheels, lights and cargo securement devices.

Steering and suspension safety is the emphasis of the 2019 roadcheck. These components support the heavy load of CMVs, help them maintain control and stability when drivers accelerate or brake, and keep the tires in alignment. Good alignment reduces the chances of uneven tire wear and, with it, tire failure.

The roadcheck is high-visibility, and the inspections are no different from those the CVSA normally conducts. The only change is frequency. On average, 17 vehicles are inspected every minute during the roadcheck.

Those who fail the inspection will be put out of service. During the 2018 spree, nearly 12,000 vehicles and 2,600 drivers were issued out-of-service orders. Brake violations and hours-of-service violations were the most frequent factors.

Some violations can increase the risk for a crash: For example, truckers who exceed the HOS regulations will drive drowsy behind the wheel. When such negligence is behind a motor vehicle accident, victims may have a personal injury case on their hands. To see if they are eligible and for how much, they may want to consult with an attorney. The attorney may also help by negotiating for a settlement with the trucking company's own legal team. Victims might choose to litigate if negotiations fail.

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