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Ways to hurt your personal injury case

Every year, numerous people suffer from personal injuries after pedestrian accidents in California. One of the more recent incidents in the state occurred right after Coachella a couple of miles away from the valley where the music festival takes place. A man died at the scene, and the woman driving the car fully cooperated with police. 

Anyone who suffers due to the negligence of another person should not hesitate to file a claim. Whether you were another motorist or a pedestrian, you need to follow the correct steps to have the greatest chance of getting compensation. Failure to do so can drastically alter the course of the lawsuit. 

Failing to collect evidence

You want to record all evidence at the scene where the accident occurred. This includes getting the contact information of all parties involved. You can take pictures at the scene if you are capable of doing so. Evidence also includes the police report and medical records. You should contact the police if you believe you have sustained a serious injury. You also need an ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital. 

Admitting fault

If you were a pedestrian, then the driver will be at fault. However, if you were another driver, then you may believe you hold some blame after an accident. Before you admit anything, you want the police to arrive to make their report. There is no need to muddy the story at this time with something that may not even be true. 

Waiting to visit the doctor

You may feel perfectly fine after an accident. You still want to see a doctor to make sure there are no symptoms lurking where you cannot see them. The rush of adrenaline after a traumatic event can make it so that you do not notice the signs of whiplash until days later. A delay in the doctor's report can make the other party skeptical of any injuries you bring to the table later. 

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