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5 dangerous situations for pedestrians

The average weight of motor vehicles on U.S. roadways is roughly 4,000 pounds. You are considerably smaller. As such, a collision with a motor vehicle may leave you with serious injuries. While you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, you probably want to avoid an injury altogether. 

Most of the year, Palm Springs is a walker’s paradise. Still, California has more pedestrian injuries and deaths than most other states. Whether taking a morning jog or enjoying an evening stroll, you want to arrive at your destination safely. Here are five of the most dangerous situations for pedestrians: 

1. Crossing at an intersection 

Many intersections have crossing signals to help pedestrians safely navigate them. Nonetheless, intersections are often dangerous places for walkers. Even though you see an illuminated walk signal, always look twice before crossing any intersection. If the situation seems dangerous, wait a few seconds to cross. 

2. Walking uphill 

As you approach the top of a hill, knowing what is on the other side can be challenging. That is, you do not know if a speeding or distracted driver waits for you. Accordingly, you must exercise additional caution when you walk in hilly areas. If you can, stay on the sidewalk to minimize your chances of a surprise. 

3. Walking with traffic 

Even though Palm Springs has an excellent system of sidewalks and trails, you may occasionally need to walk beside the road. When you do, try to face oncoming traffic. This gives you an opportunity to make eye contact with drivers. If you walk with the flow of traffic, on the other hand, you may not be able to monitor dangerous situations. You may also have a harder time hearing vehicles behind you. 

4. Standing around an accident scene 

If you are a good person, it can be impossible not to help during a traffic accident. Naturally, though, you must think about your personal safety before entering the roadway. Remember, automobile accidents can disrupt the flow of traffic. If you are not careful, confusion at the accident scene may cause a driver to hit you with his or her vehicle. 

5. Jaywalking 

Everyone seems to violate pedestrian laws sometimes. Still, jaywalking can be extraordinarily dangerous. If you do not walk where drivers expect you to walk, you may inadvertently find yourself in the middle of a serious collision. Therefore, try to obey traffic laws every time you walk or jog in Riverside County. 

Walking, jogging and running are wonderful ways to enjoy everything Palm Springs has to offer. Nevertheless, you do not want a serious injury to stop you in your tracks. By understanding which situations put pedestrians at the most risk, you can develop a strategy for staying safe.

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