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Tesla's newest autopilot feature poses yet more risks

Since 2018, Tesla has added several functions to its Navigate on Autopilot feature. One feature flashes a warning to drivers who try to change lanes without putting their hands on the wheel while another innovation steers the vehicle back into its lane if it senses a potential collision. Despite these new functions, some say that Tesla's Autopilot is not completely safe on California roads.

Consumer Reports recently looked at the Navigate on Autopilot feature for its ability to make a car change lanes without a driver's input. This optional feature was found to make poor decisions, sometimes cutting off cars that are speeding up and even making maneuvers that violated traffic laws. The feature was found to be especially problematic during merges. It would automatically brake to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Analysts concluded that the system performs worse than a human driver. The result of this study may be a blow to the automaker as it continues to try to boost safety on its vehicles. Three deadly crashes have already occurred that involved Tesla vehicles on Autopilot. Tesla responded by saying that drivers are still responsible for maintaining control of their vehicles and that this responsibility includes changing lanes.

A driver who becomes negligent through the influence of new safety tech may cause a crash. In many cases, though, multiple parties can be at fault. A victim who wishes to seek compensation may consult with an attorney. Legal counsel could explain how much a plaintiff may be eligible for. A successful personal injury claim can cover things like medical expenses, lost wages and the diminished capacity to earn a living. A lawyer may negotiate for a settlement.

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