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How new car features are saving lives

A 2018 study from J.D. Power has shown that new vehicle safety features are saving lives. Whether automotive fatalities will ever be reduced to zero is another matter, but more than half of surveyed new car owners have said that safety features like blind spot alert, backup cameras and automatic emergency braking helped prevent a crash in the first 90 days of ownership. California drivers may be interested to hear more.

These features, which go under the collective term Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, have been found to save the lives of other drivers and pedestrians, too. This is according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

As of yet, there is no hard data showing the benefits of ADAS, but this is only because one cannot count the number of accidents that never happen. The accidents that do occur can be more costly because they involve sensors in the grille, bumper and lights.

Automatic emergency braking, one of the most common features, applies the brakes if the operator doesn't react in time to a danger. There are sensors for picking up pedestrians and even large animals. One feature keeps a vehicle centered in its lane. Another, adaptive cruise control, helps maintains a safe distance and speed.

ADAS does not replace drivers; it only assists them. If a driver grows negligent under the influence of technology and causes a crash, then they will be held liable for the other side's injuries. The victim, for their part, may want to consult with an attorney who works in car accident law. Once the proof of negligence has been brought together, the lawyer could negotiate for a fair settlement with the defendant's auto insurance company. Litigation may follow if a settlement isn't achieved.

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