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Summer means higher accident risk for teen drivers

Emergency personnel in California and nationwide know that the Memorial Day holiday launches a period of heightened risk for drivers. Teen drivers have an especially bad record during the summer months. A lack of driving experience coupled with more time driving raises the chances of teens getting into crashes.

Research from the Ford Motor Co. has consistently identified the 100 days that take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day as a deadly time for teen drivers. Data collected by the American Automobile Association confirms the threat. The association refers to summer as the 100 deadliest days for teenage drivers. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that fatal wrecks involving teens rise by 15% during the summer.

Safety advocates advise new drivers to use seat belts, drive less at night and restrict the number of passengers. Avoiding intoxication or sleepiness behind the wheel is vital for safety as well. Teens, as well as older drivers, must not indulge in distractions like texting and driving. Parents can reinforce these messages by taking the time to instruct their teens about safe driving.

When a driver makes a mistake that causes an accident, financial liability could add to the consequences of death and injury. A person harmed by the actions of a negligent driver might choose to pursue damages for medical expenses and lost income. Since dealing with an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit might be difficult for someone struggling with serious injuries, people often seek legal representation after getting injured in car accidents. An attorney could track down evidence of negligence. A victim could turn conversations with an insurance adjuster over to a lawyer, who could counteract the tactics used by insurers to reduce settlements. In contentious cases, an attorney could file a lawsuit to demand the compensation that a victim needs.

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