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October 2019 Archives

Teen distracted driving linked to high crash rate

Drivers in California are often wary of teens behind the wheel, believing them to be more reckless, inexperienced and accident-prone. Car insurance payments and many statistics back up those beliefs, even if every driver needs to go through a teenage phase in order to improve their own skills. With concerns about distracted driving on the rise, many people are particularly concerned about teen drivers' connections to their phones, social media and other interactive devices. Statistics indicate that teens are the driving demographic most likely to drive while distracted and the most likely to get involved in car crashes.

Deadly Verrückt waterslide accident the result of negligence

California residents should know that water parks can be dangerous places. Back in 2016, the Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas, was closed down after a 10-year-old boy riding a waterslide was decapitated. That waterslide, called the Verrückt, was 169 feet (approximately 17 stories) tall and was, in fact, the tallest of its kind in the world.

Tips for safe motorcycle riding in Palm Springs

The weather may be getting chilly in other parts of the nation, but Palm Springs is reaching its season of beautiful weather. The moderate temperatures are ideal for motorcycle riding. However, the downside is that the beautiful weather brings with it a high risk of accident and injury.

IIHS: newer pickups put passengers at high risk for injury, death

Since 2012, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been conducting driver-side small overlap frontal crash tests. However, it was only in 2017 that it began to test frontal crash protection for the front passenger's side. After testing several newer two-row pickups, the IIHS has concluded that passengers are, in fact, at a higher risk for injury or death than drivers are. Pickup owners in California may want to know more.

Different seasons carry certain risks for auto accidents

Seasonal changes can lead to a variety of dangers while driving. This is true even in California's relatively agreeable climate. When heading out on the road, it is important to be prepared for certain potential risks. Understanding what dangers are possible in the fall is a way to avoid auto accidents with injuries and fatalities.