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Tips for safe motorcycle riding in Palm Springs

The weather may be getting chilly in other parts of the nation, but Palm Springs is reaching its season of beautiful weather. The moderate temperatures are ideal for motorcycle riding. However, the downside is that the beautiful weather brings with it a high risk of accident and injury.

Although current motorcycle accident rates are declining, they are still much higher than they were 20 years ago. In 2017, motorcycle riders and passengers made up 14.1% of total traffic fatalities, reports the Governors Highway Safety Association. With your safety still at risk, it is imperative to know how to stay safe on the road.

Wear a helmet

State law requires that all riders, regardless of age and whether operator or passenger, must wear a DOT-approved helmet. Helmets greatly reduce the chances of fatality and severe head injury. Although you do not have to wear other protective gear, it is better to for increased safety, especially now that it is not too hot to wear a leather jacket or pants.

Know the rules

Operating a motorcycle comes with some different rules than driving a passenger vehicle. For example, California recently legalized lane splitting. Knowing rules about passing, right of way and other common dangers can help you not get into an accident.

Ride defensively

While you may know pertinent laws, most drivers do not know how to share the road with bikers nor even see them much of the time. Therefore, be defensive in your riding:

  • Use your turn signals.
  • Leave enough room between you and motorists.
  • Avoid speeding.
  • Never ride after drinking.
  • Increase your visibility, such as by wearing reflective clothing.
  • Stay within your level of riding skills.

Remember to check your bike before hitting the road to ensure proper functioning.

All these tips can make for a safer, more enjoyable experience, but they do not guarantee an accident-free ride. If another motorist crashes into you, you have a legal right to pursue compensation. Showing that you took preventive measures while riding can help your case.

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