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January 2020 Archives

Determining who is responsible in a multi-car accident

Any car accident is upsetting, but it is especially disturbing when multiple cars are involved. One of the largest car accidents in the United States involved 194 cars. Thankfully, there were no fatalities in this incident, but it was likely a legal nightmare afterward. California drivers may wonder how it is determined who is at fault in an accident like this.

Man suspected of DUI arrested for causing two crashes, one fatal

A 65-year-old California woman walking her dog was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver traveling west on Pearblossom Highway. The accident occurred around 8 p.m. on Jan. 23. The driver then fled the scene and caused a second accident, this time involving multiple vehicles, in the city of Palmdale. The incident ended in seven people being injured.

Planned study into truck accidents will analyze distractions

Truck accidents are a growing concern in California. Because the state is a prominent destination for deliveries and produces a variety of products shipped across the country, these vehicles are constantly on the road. The risks of a truck crash have long been significant with truckers under the influence, drowsy truckers and reckless driving. In recent years, however, new dangers associated with distracted driving have been added to the list.

There may be a limited time to file a claim after auto accidents

After auto accidents, Californians will often be unsure of what they should do next. Medical expenses, lost wages and other problems will frequently arise. While a legal filing is an option to recover compensation for what was lost, a factor that might recede into the background is the statute of limitations to file a claim. That does not diminish its importance.

How red-light cameras may lower accident rates

Red-light running crashes kill hundreds of people every year in California and across the U.S. In 2016, the number came to more than 800, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. More than half of the fatalities are individuals other than the red-light runner: pedestrians, bicyclists, occupants of other vehicles etc.

Hands-free phones still open up drivers to other distractions

Every day across the U.S., at least nine people die in car crashes resulting from distracted driving. Most California motorists think of phone use when they think of distracted driving, but anything that takes one's eyes or mind from the road is a distraction. Eating, drinking, or talking with passengers can all constitute a distraction.

AAA Foundation: lane-keeping assist, other features can distract

Distracted driving is an issue that many drivers in California have to contend with, but it's not just phones and touchscreens that have proven to be distracting. Researchers with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed the safety features on a number of newer vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, Acura MDX, Ford Fusion and Honda Accord, and they found that two features in particular can cause many to become inattentive behind the wheel.