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There may be a limited time to file a claim after auto accidents

After auto accidents, Californians will often be unsure of what they should do next. Medical expenses, lost wages and other problems will frequently arise. While a legal filing is an option to recover compensation for what was lost, a factor that might recede into the background is the statute of limitations to file a claim. That does not diminish its importance.

How red-light cameras may lower accident rates

Red-light running crashes kill hundreds of people every year in California and across the U.S. In 2016, the number came to more than 800, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. More than half of the fatalities are individuals other than the red-light runner: pedestrians, bicyclists, occupants of other vehicles etc.

Hands-free phones still open up drivers to other distractions

Every day across the U.S., at least nine people die in car crashes resulting from distracted driving. Most California motorists think of phone use when they think of distracted driving, but anything that takes one's eyes or mind from the road is a distraction. Eating, drinking, or talking with passengers can all constitute a distraction.

AAA Foundation: lane-keeping assist, other features can distract

Distracted driving is an issue that many drivers in California have to contend with, but it's not just phones and touchscreens that have proven to be distracting. Researchers with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed the safety features on a number of newer vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, Acura MDX, Ford Fusion and Honda Accord, and they found that two features in particular can cause many to become inattentive behind the wheel.

Adaptive cruise control, other safety tech distracts drivers

California drivers who use car safety systems are at a higher risk for distracted driving, according to a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Researchers have pointed out which systems in particular raise the risk. To arrive at their conclusions, researchers surveyed vehicles like the Tesla Model S, Acura MDX, Honda Accord and Jeep Cherokee.

Drowsy driving poses serious threat of car accidents

Despite the dangers posed by drowsy driving, around 45% of people in California and across the country say that they have had difficulty staying awake behind the wheel, according to one study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Every year, around 328,000 car accidents are caused by drowsy driving, many of which are fatal. While drunk driving receives much more attention, the dangers of drowsy driving are similar. People who are too sleepy behind the wheel suffer decreased reaction time and impaired decision-making similar to the influence of alcohol.

Reducing the risk of car accidents

Each year, thousands of motorists are killed on roads in California and across the United States. The National Safety Council estimates that approximately 40,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes each year in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Most of these victims were occupants of passenger cars, SUVs or light trucks.

Study: opioids may play part in many fatal two-car crashes

With so many people in California and across the U.S. taking opioids for chronic or acute pain, it's not surprising that opioids would factor in some car accidents. In 1993, 2% of all drivers who were to blame for a crash tested positive for opioids, but in 2016, it was 7.1%. Now, a study published in JAMA Network Open has explored the possible connections between opioid use and the initiators of fatal two-car crashes.

Some of the consequences of distracted driving

While most Californians realize that it's dangerous to drive while distracted, they might be surprised to learn how deadly it can be. According to the National Safety Council, roughly nine people die every day in the U.S. because of distracted driving. About 100 people are injured in vehicle crashes every day because of the same problem.

Lowering the risk for car crashes in winter

California drivers will want to prepare themselves for winter road conditions. Though it may not happen as often as in other states, winter weather will cause the roads to become wet, icy or snowy. With this comes a loss of traction, longer stopping distances and a higher risk for cars spinning out of control.