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ADAS prevents backing crashes, lane change crashes and more

Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, come with many safety benefits for drivers in California and across the U.S. General Motors conducted a study with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute that shows what those benefits are like, and though it is focused on GM vehicles, its results are echoed by other studies. The study involved 3.8 million GM vehicles made between 2013 and 2017.

Red-light running crash fatalities hit 10-year high

A report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that in 2017, the number of deaths arising from red-light running crashes reached a 10-year high. A total of 939 people in California and across the U.S. were killed in such crashes that year. This also constituted a 28% increase from 2012. Of the victims, just over a third were the offending drivers; the rest were passengers or drivers in the other vehicles.

FMCSA announces relaxed hours of service rules

The regulations that limit the amount of time that truck drivers in California and around the country can spend behind the wheel may soon be relaxed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced on Aug. 14 that it plans to publish revised hours of service regulations in the Federal Register. Once published, the public will be given 45 days to submit comments about the changes. Organizations such as the American Trucking Association have welcomed the changes and believe they could improve road safety, but several other advocacy groups oppose relaxed hours of service rules.

Lawmakers introduce automatic emergency braking bill

The number of deadly accidents involving semi-tractor trailers rose sharply in California and around the country in 2017 according to data gathered by the National Safety Council, and many of these crashes were caused by truck drivers who were distracted, fatigued or impaired. Road safety advocates have long lauded the merits of automatic emergency braking systems, and a bill currently before the House of Representatives Highways and Transit Subcommittee would make the technology mandatory equipment on all commercial vehicles in the United States.

CVSA roadcheck set for June, focuses on steering and suspension

Commercial truck and bus drivers in California will want to keep in mind that between June 4 and 6, they may be stopped at random for an inspection. This is because the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is holding its annual International Roadcheck at that time. The spree will consist of mostly Level I inspections, which cover both driver and vehicle regulations.

Multiple factors lead to increased pedestrian fatality rate

The number of pedestrian deaths in the United States rose to its highest number in 28 years in 2018. Pedestrian deaths are taking place in California and throughout the country in part because of distractions caused by smartphones. Researchers say that there could be a link between smartphone sales since 2009 and pedestrian deaths. Alcohol was also a key factor in about half of the accidents that resulted in a pedestrian's death.

FMCSA reports somber truck accident figures

Deadly truck accidents in California and around the country have increased worryingly over the last three years according to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The agency's chief safety officer said at the Transportation Research Board's annual meeting that tractor-trailer occupant fatalities, work zone accidents involving commercial vehicles and truck and bus crash fatalities had all risen in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Safety advocates urge greater regulation for trucks

People in California and across the country are urging members of Congress to act on proposed legislation that aims to reduce the number of deadly underride truck accidents. In an underride crash, a car slides and is captured underneath a semi-trailer or other large commercial truck. These collisions are often fatal because the underride can lead to severe head and neck injuries, including decapitation. Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives in these types of crashes. These accidents can be catastrophic even at relatively low rates of speed.

Driver and pedestrian distraction causing increase in fatalities

In California and the rest of the U.S., pedestrian fatalities have sharply increased over the past decade even though cars have become safer. Experts attribute this increase in pedestrian deaths to the problem of driver distraction.