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Premises Liability Archives

Homeowners could have responsibility for swimming pool accidents

Swimming pools provide recreation during hot California summers, and the law views them as attractive nuisances. Under this legal doctrine, homeowners might be held liable for accidents involving children in their pools even in cases when people did not give children permission to use pools. Federal records about drownings indicate that over 3,500 people drown in accidents not involving boats annually. In addition to drownings, pool accidents could include slips and falls that cause broken bones and cuts. People with swimming pools have an interest in taking precautions that could prevent pool accidents for children and adults.

Businesses responsible for avoiding on-premises injuries

When people in California go out to shop at a mall, visit the laundromat or watch a movie, they rarely expect to encounter severe hazards along the way. However, when business owners do not maintain their properties, dangers could lurk for unsuspecting consumers. In fact, many people have been seriously injured in slip-and-fall accidents caused by hazardous conditions in places that people might expect to be safe and well-kept. Business owners with premises open to the public have a responsibility to keep their properties safe for visitors and guests.

Roller coaster derails in Daytona Beach

California residents who enjoy going to amusement parks may wonder from time to time if the rides they go on are entirely safe. Unfortunately, a recent incident in Daytona Beach, Florida, does not provide reassurance. On the night of June 14, a Daytona Beach Boardwalk roller coaster derailed, sending two riders plunging 34 feet to the ground and leaving two other riders dangling upside down.

Landlord responsibilities when dealing with drug-using tenants

Landlords in California have certain responsibilities when it comes to how properties are kept up. But are landlords also responsible for activities of tenants that may be illegal or unsafe? This was the question at the center of a case involving an eighteen-year-old individual who died from a drug overdose while at a property owned by another individual. A complaint filed by the decedent's parents alleges that the property owner should have taken steps to keep the house in "reasonably safe" condition.

Premises liability claims come in many forms

California residents may be familiar with the term slip and fall case with regards to personal injury claims and litigation, but there is more to liability claims of this sort than simply slipping and falling somewhere. Injury claims that arise when a property owner is negligent are called premises liability claims, and there are a number of variations within the category.

Boat accident leads to multiple injuries and a death

California residents may have heard about a casino boat fire in Florida that resulted in the death of a 42-year-old woman. While she and 49 other people on board made it back to shore, the woman eventually sought treatment at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point where she later died. Authorities say that she was one of 15 people who sought treatment in the aftermath of the fire.

Report says many slip and fall accidents caused by flooring

Many California businesses could have dangerous flooring on their properties, according to a new report by commercial insurance and risk management firm CNA. The report indicates that companies may not be taking the type of flooring they use into account when creating fall prevention programs.

Stair use and injuries

A study released in the 'American Journal of Emergency Medicine" states that over a million people in California and the rest of the country sustain injuries from stair use each year. Although some groups, such young children, women and older adults tend to report more cases of injuries, victims of all age groups make visits to the emergency department for injuries like fractures, strains, bumps and sprains.

Injured while shopping? Take these 3 steps

When you are shopping, you are not expecting to suffer an injury. You are simply out buying food, clothes or other goods. Unfortunately, retail stores are not always up to par. If a store has hazardous conditions, such as an overcrowded aisle or slippery floor, you could sustain an injury while shopping.

Property owners overlook common danger to consumers

Businesses and non-profits in California can suffer or even go under due to dangerous property conditions. A survey by an authority on slip risks shows that many property owners and managers are not aware of common risk areas in their facilities. The survey also found that a common method of addressing fall risks can actually make the problem worse.