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Premises Liability Archives

Problem with local laws regarding sprinkler systems

Californians are sometimes injured or killed in fires that start in high-rise buildings. Some of these buildings do not have sprinklers installed, leading to pushes to pass laws requiring that they are installed in older buildings. A July 2017 fire in a Honolulu high-rise building in which three people were killed has led to renewed debate in states and cities across the country.

Ankle injuries resulting from hazardous premises

A California resident who slips and falls while on someone else's property is at serious risk for suffering ankle injuries. Even minor ankle injuries can cause a person to suffer serious pain and experience limited mobility in the joint. Victims may have the grounds to file a claim against the owner of the property.

The importance of insurance for amusement parks

While California residents may enjoy rollercoasters because of the thrills that they provide, insurance companies are more focused on the liability risk that they create. At the Emerald Glen Park at Dublin, a 10-year-old boy suffered cuts and scrapes while after being thrown from a water slide onto concrete. The ride had only been open for about 90 minutes when the incident occurred, and parts of the park had to be shutdown afterward.

Crypto outbreaks on the rise in swimming pools

California residents that enjoy swimming in pools may be interested in learning that outbreaks of Cryptosporidium, a parasitic infection, have been on the rise since 2014. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were twice as many outbreaks reported in 2016 as there were in 2014.

Dog attacks on postal workers near record high

A California city has the dubious distinction of being the number one place in America for postal workers to get bitten by dogs. Los Angeles had 80 dog attacks on postal workers in 2016, while the nation as a whole has seen an increase in dog attacks on postal workers in the past three years. The popularity of online shopping is believed to be a factor.

Property owners may not be liable if there is an inherent risk

If a California concertgoer suffers injuries while at a venue, the owner of the venue is usually the one that is responsible for any liability claims. However, there are specific situations where a venue owner may not be held liable, especially if the concertgoer engages in an activity that has known inherent risks.

Spring break injuries and liability

There are a number of injuries that California residents might suffer while on spring break or another vacation, and in some cases, another party might be liable in an injury. For example, if a person is a crime victim, it might also be possible to collect civil compensation. This was the case when a person was stabbed by a gang member at a sponsored event and a lawsuit was filed against Coca-Cola and a hotel. It may also be possible to sue the person who commits the crime. The property owner at other events ranging from a private house party to a large business or public entity might also be liable if people are injured while on their premises.