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Posts tagged "Personal Injury"

California family files negligence suit against Petco

Having a pet can be a great gift for young people. Parents often adopt or purchase pets in an attempt to teach children the importance of compassion, responsibility and accountability. However, a recent tragedy in California has prompted one family to take steps to try and hold a pet store company to these same expectations. 

Train control system benefits riders, but is it too expensive?

Many California residents remember the tragic train accident in 2008 in which 25 people on the train were killed. It was one of two horrific train accidents in this state that ended with fatalities in that one year alone. After the accidents, new efforts to improve rail safety were launched and prioritized in order to prevent future crashes. One solution came in the form of a deadline: All trains would be equipped with life-saving positive train control systems by the end of 2015.

Previous injuries questioned for man in rock-toppling incident

Like many events that come back to haunt a person, it all started with a video. Glenn Taylor and another man were recorded toppling over an ancient rock formation in Utah while leading a group Boy Scout outing. Since the video surfaced, people have been very quick to judge the men's decision and now they could actually face felony charges. But the men have said that while it may have been a bad decision, they pushed the boulder over to protect others because that they were afraid that, since the rock was teetering on a small point, it could easily fall over and seriously injure someone. 

Lax boating laws in California put boaters in serious danger

Many people across California have already gotten out on the water in their boats this summer. The lakes and open water are often populated with fishers, skiers and sailors all summer long and it should be a fun and relaxing experience. However, lax state laws in California are making the waterways dangerous destinations for people.